Arthur Badalian

With more than nine years experience as an architectural designer, Arthur goes beyond solving functional needs and experiments with materials, form, technology, and concepts. He balances innovative design, site specificity, and the client's needs to achieve an inspired view of the environment around us.

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Ara Hovsepyan

Ara's architectural experience includes everything from large public buildings and steel structures to single family homes. His approach integrates high performance in energy efficiency and user experience to achieve distinctive architectural results.

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Cabin A

This is not your typical cabin. It brings in ambient light during the day and frames the North Star at night, as we work to maintain these orientations while we adapt for different sites. Solar panels capture the sun's energy for immediate use or battery storage. Rainwater is collected and stored into cisterns for drinking and maintaining hygiene. The structure is intended for impressive landscapes, as it directs the experience towards the nature.

Cabin A

Cabin A ACabin A